Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company with a history spanning 30 years, Primordial Group recognizes the responsibility it has towards the community. Hence, with the goal of supporting individuals and getting them through challenges, Mr. Zahad Thakuk prioritizes the act of giving within the company and its employees. Under his leadership, the company has actively participated in providing donations and other acts of goodwill, such as:

  • Donation at Chokkhu, an organization that operates to aid and empower the blind
  • Tree plantation program at Rajendrapur, Bangladesh
  • Financing the education of 11 children at the Catholic Church
  • Charity program that is held every Christmas
  • Charity at the Embroidery Center, where young women are taught how to make handcrafted products
  • Donation for the welfare of children to Jugendschutz Bund Germany
  • Donation for educating children on road safety to Polizeigewerkschaft Germany
  • Providing underprivileged families with basic necessities