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Primordial Energy

Primordial Energy (PEL), a concern of Primordial Group, has become a prominent force in Bangladesh’s power and energy sector. Incorporated in 2009 as a private limited company, the company provides affordable solutions to power/electrical needs with a product portfolio comprising engines, generators, power plant solutions, and home systems.

PEL recognizes the need for corporate excellence and is determined to meet the rapidly-evolving power needs of the country. Maintaining high-quality standards, the company prioritizes safety above all, along with the belief that a practical, well-thought-out approach to planning, design, and development is vital for the completion of a successful project within an allocated timeframe and budget.

Products and services offered by PEL:

  • HSD/HFO Engine
  • Gas Engine
  • HSD/HFO Generator
  • Gas/Diesel Generator
  • Power Plant Solutions
  • Electrical Control
  • Solar Home Systems

PEL Represents:

  • Deutz AG, Germany
  • RID GmbH, Germany (Power Generating Systems)
  • AGGRETECH AG, Germany
  • Napps Finland