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Primordial Properties

In 1981, visionary entrepreneur Late Mr. Fazlul Karim Thakur founded Makshad Constructions with a primary focus on MES construction projects and public sector development. After his death, his son, Mr. Zahad Thakur, took leadership of the company and rebranded it as Primordial Properties Ltd. to mark a new beginning.

Exceeding two decades of experience within the market, Primordial Properties now specializes in creating exceptional apartment buildings across Dhaka city.

With the goal to transform urban areas through top-notch designs and premium materials, and eventually expand operations internationally, the company commenced its landmark initiative called “Project Europe” in 2017 .

The iconic Bauhaus architecture of Germany is a grand influence on its design style and philosophy, which is expressed in different projects through distinctive cubic features and implementation of right angles, as well as by incorporating rounded corners and balconies.

Primordial Properties Ltd. emphasizes visually appealing exteriors that seamlessly blend with their surroundings enclosed with smooth facades. Additionally, the company prioritizes open floor plans that maximize space and promote a sense of modern simplicity, while enhancing the overall aesthetic, as well as the functionality of its buildings.